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Mentor of the Day: Katy Wu

KatyWu_3Welcome back to another returning Mentor, the wonderfully talented Katy Wu! She is a Doodler for Google, which means people from all over the world have seen her work on the front page of! She has also been a visual development artist for studios such as Pixar and Laika. Katy is a well-rounded and inspiring artist that is sure to be a great influence on her future mentee! She is looking for one hard working mentee anywhere in the United States to mentor for the ten weeks.

Katy’s Fall 2013 Mentee Lettie Lo told us her favorite thing about her mentorship, “Being able to get feedback from Katy, and seeing things from her point of view. It really made my dream of working on feature visual development reachable.” Although initially Lettie was a little intimidated, “It’s a bit nerve wrecking to have Katy judge my work every meeting, but that feeling get immediately replaced by being inspired and excited to keep working.”

Check out Lettie’s mentorship work below!

The experience really left an impression with Lettie, she told us, “I really enjoyed Motivarti and I’m glad this program exists! The one on one component really targets the learning and portfolio crafting more than any other online classes out there.”

If you’ve been itching to improve your visual development portfolio, and get some amazing feedback, Katy is the perfect Mentor for you! Check out some of Katy’s work on her blog!

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