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Mentor of the Day: Brenda Chapman

brenda-chapman-directorBrenda Chapman has returned for a second time as Mentor for Motivarti, and we are so thrilled to have her back! Brenda is known for being a Director on Pixar’s ‘Brave’ and DreamWorks’ ‘Prince of Egypt’, as well as Head of Story for ‘The Lion King’. She is an inspiring storyteller, and one of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. If you are an aspiring Director or storyteller, Brenda is a dream come true Mentor, and she is looking for one mentee from anywhere in the world!

We checked in with Brenda’s Fall 2012 Mentee Colin Levy to find out how his mentorship went. Colin gave us a great overview on his ten weeks, “We took an idea for an animated feature film from a rough two-sentence synopsis to a functioning outline. During the process I wrote character breakdowns, drew story beat boards, plotted my scenes to fit an overall character arc using notecards, and worked to clarify the theme of the story. Although there is not a whole lot to show, this stuff takes time and I feel I am on the right track to create a coherent, entertaining and emotional story for a feature film.”

We asked him to elaborate on his favorite aspect of the Mentorship and he told us, “The chance to converse with such an accomplished director, and to pick her brain a little bit. It was such a privilege!” And his advice for Brenda’s next Mentee, “Come in with a solid premise for a story and try to set as many concrete goals as you can.“

Mentoring with Brenda is truly a once in a blue moon sort of opportunity. She has worked on some of the most influential animated films, and continues to be one of the most greatly admired storytellers of our time. If you have a project you want to expand on, and an itch to bring a story to life, Brenda will be an amazing mentor with you.

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