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Mentor of the Day: Craig Elliott

CraigElliott_Forest Awakening_corrected1sm

Craig Elliott has been one of our most beloved Visual Development/Illustrator/Fine Art Mentors since we started the Mentorship program. We are so excited to have him back for our Spring 2014 mentorship! Craig is known for his incredibly lengthy list of credits, making him a fantastic wealth of knowledge! He has worked for studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Illumination Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Cirque De Soleil and many others!

You can often find Craig at many comic and art conventions, selling his work and painting a model for the passing convention attendees. He is friendly and approachable to everyone that passes by, and puts all of this similar approachability towards his mentees. He has so much to offer, and so much experience to share!


Very recently, Craig received a gold medal at the Society of Illustrators West! We are so proud of him, and are so glad to see him get such a wonderful honor.

Craig is looking for one hard working mentee from any where in the world to mentor over the ten weeks. If you are looking to improve your portfolio and develop some great painting techniques, mentoring with Craig will be a wonderful experience for you!

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