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Mentor of the Day: Cory Godbey

CoryGodbey_thp_drawing027Welcome back to our fantastic illustration mentor, Cory Godbey! We are so pleased to have him return and take on one mentee from anywhere in the world this Spring 2014 session! Cory has a great list of clients – having worked for HarperCollins, Random House, Archaia, and The Jim Henson Co, and a variety of animated shorts and commercials. His experience is incredible, and definitely assists his wealth of knowledge to share with his mentees!

Cory is excited to work with a mentee at any level of experience, but also a student of total dedication that is willing to put in the hard work. A student with an interest in pushing the storytelling in their work, and an interest in developing their visual vocabulary. He has a love for fairy tale and Tolkien-esque illustrators such as Arthur Rachham, Edmund Dulac, and John Bauer, as clearly evident in the work he produces!  In September 2013, Cory won a Gold Award from Spectrum Fantastic Art.

If you are looking to really develop your portfolio, and bring some new strength into your illustrations, Cory is a great mentor to have! He is incredibly dedicated and puts so much energy into making sure his mentees get as much out of his lessons as possible. His ten week plans are suited to the needs and goals of the individual,  and he has plenty of ideas to direct you on your way!

Be sure to check out some of Cory’s videos on Vimeo, youtube and his illustrative work on his tumblr!

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