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Congrats Spring 2014 Mentees!


Every round of applications draws a wide variety of talent and enthusiasm for our SPRING 2014 Motivarti Mentorship Program!  This time, we received our highest record of applicants, just under 200.   Decisions much harder for both our committee and mentors were very hard to make this time.  After very careful analysis and deliberation, we have finished reviewing all the applications and we’re thrilled to announce our SPRING 2014 Motivarti Mentees!

Thanks again to everyone who applied and congratulations to our SPRING 2014 mentees!

John Bosley (Ian Abando)

Dirk van Dulmen (Ian Abando)

Heather Larkin (Brenda Chapman)

Jung In Wang (Frederic Durand)

Allison Jung (Frederic Durand)

Kimberly Huang (Frederic Durand)

Laura Price (Craig Elliott)

Jonathan Chan (Craig Elliott)

Jack Yu (Craig Elliott)

Alexandria Kwan (Cory Godbey)

Brittany Inglese (Meg Hunt)

Lauren Duda (Meg Hunt)

Ziwei Duanmu (Dan Krall)

Angela Oster (Dan Krall)

Melody Cisinski (Octavio Rodriguez)

Fill Marc Sagadraca (Octavio Rodriguez)

Clement Leroy (Griselda Sastrawinata)

Devin Korwin (Thomas Scholes)

Danny Moll (Thomas Scholes)

Sharon Huang (Justin K Thompson)

Cat Tuong Bui (Katy Wu)

*Not all mentees opted to have their name and/or link appear on the list above. 

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