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Mentor of the Day: Cory Godbey

CoryGodbey_FISHWe couldn’t be more happy to welcome back one of our most highest recommended mentors, Cory Godbey.

Cory creates fanciful illustrations for picture books, covers, comics, editorial, advertising, animated shorts and films.  His clients include HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, The Jim Henson Company, Microsoft, and Nintendo of America, to name a few.

In addition, Cory’s work has been featured in a variety of esteemed annuals and publications including, Image FX, The Society of Illustrators, and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.  Most recently, Cory was invited to be on the panel of judges for Spectrum 21.  Check out some of his work through videos on his vimeo page.

Besides his fantastic career, Cory is dedicated to passing on his artist knowledge.  Besides Motivarti, Cory also teaches workshops through TLC Workshops in the Seattle Area.  He also has an on-line class through The Lamp Post Guild about getting into the habit of producing personal work called, Introduction to the Art of Personal Work.

This past Spring, Cory mentored Alexandria Kwan, an animator at Titmouse interested in learning how to build works for a story she was developing.  “We talked over what works and what doesn’t work in storytelling. I think because I’m trained as an animator that I’m usually asked to show consistency from one cut to the next so your eye is always directed to the the direction of a cut. With illustration, you supposed to make the eye travel to various points of interest in an image, never outside of it. That was very new to me!”

Alexandria completed some amazing work with Cory that she is continuing to post on her blog.  Below are a few samples of the work she created.  The gif showcasing her process and re-work with Cory is simply spectacular!


Alexandria’s advice for Cory’s next mentee: “If you have a story that you’d like to extrapolate upon, have pieces for it ready to show. It will help Cory to get an understanding of the story you’re trying to tell by having some semblance of world building to show.”

So if you’re interested in expanding your illustration skills, be sure to check out a mentorship with Cory Godbey!  Also, back in 2009, Little Chimp Society did a fun interview with Cory, be sure to check it out.

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