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Mentor of the Day: Dan Krall

DanKrall_4The talented and wonderful Dan Krall has returned for another session of mentorship with Motivarti! His previous session with mentees Angela Oster and Ziwei Duanmu resulted in a fantastic and productive term for all. Dan has worked in Visual Development for feature and television animation at studios including DreamWorks Animation, Sony Animation, LAIKA, and Cartoon Network. He’s also a children’s book illustrator, and one of our most highly recommended mentors.

Spring 2014 mentee Angela Oster had so much to tell us about her ten weeks with Dan. She spent the time putting together the first draft of her children’s book, and developed some pieces for her portfolio. Check out Angela’s work below!

When we asked what she liked about the mentorship, Angela told us, “I enjoyed every single minute. It was especially great when Dan liked a picture because he is very direct with his critique. He taught me quite a few “golden rules” that I never learned in art school. I will carry these with me always.”

Fellow Spring 2014 mentor Ziwei Duanmu also had nothing but praise for Dan, “Dan is a very enthusiastic at work and teaching people. He is a kind and patient mentor, always.” He helped Ziwei in not only improving her art, but also helping her plan for her career. Check out some of Ziwei’s work below!

For the first time, Dan is officially available as an international mentor for this Fall 2014 session. The best words we can share come from his former mentee Angela, “I feel so incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity to work Dan Krall. I was already a fan before the mentorship, but now I have a huge respect for the dedication and knowledge he has for his craft. The experience made me a better artist.”

Check out more of Dan’s charming work at his blog!

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