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Mentor of the Day: Frederic Durand

Frederic_2012We’re pleased to welcome back Frederic Durand, a CG Lead Lighting Artist, for another term as a mentor! Frederic has over 20 years of experience working on animated films, feature films and commercials at a wealth of studios including Disney, DreamWorks, Jim Henson’s Workshop, Sony Imageworks, and Digital Domain. Check out his reel and his website—you’ll see plenty of familiar films and commercials!

Frederic has broad-ranging interests: outside of working as a Lighter, he is also a teacher, and an author of three books about lighting. When he’s not on the computer, he likes to create pop-up books!

Last term, Frederic mentored three artists. In discussing her experience, Allison Jung said, “Frederic’s easygoing and friendly attitude made meeting every week really enjoyable. He was really easy to talk to and was never condescending, to say nothing of his obvious mastery of the material.”  You can see some of her stellar work below:


Jung In Wang, another mentee, gave this great overview of the benefits of access to a seasoned professional, and what it was like working with Frederic: “We not just went through the homework, but Frederic explained how certain methods in CG lighting and shading worked together as well as some current techniques being used in the industry. He provided a weekly pdf that explained in detail how certain things worked liked Global Illumination and Linear workflow which is very crucial when doing CG work. Many times, I asked a lot of questions regarding things that I overlooked or couldn’t find a satisfactory explanation on the Internet, and my mentor would explain in detail an answer to my question.”

If you’re interested in a well-rounded and in-depth study of lighting, Frederic will be an amazing mentor. He is available for up to three mentees from anywhere in the world, and is also fluent in French. There’s always a need for lighting artists in the film and animation industry, and having such a well-versed mentor will do wonders for aspiring lighting artists seeking to improve their work.


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