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Mentor of the Day: Meg Hunt

MegHunt_MegHunt_12_WP_Hunt_terrariumWe are pleased to welcome back second time Mentor – Meg Hunt! She had an extremely successful first mentorship, and we are so excited Meg has returned to take on two mentees from anywhere in the world this term. Meg lives in Portland, Oregon and is known for her illustrations, printmaking and being a fantastic educator. She’s worked for every studio including: Disney, Dreamworks,Cartoon Network, Scholastic and Chronicle Books.

We asked her Spring 2014 mentee Brittany Inglese about her experience- “I enjoyed making postcards to send out to art directors and book publishing companies and because of the work I’ve put in with Meg and this mentorship I’ve booked a job doing a children’s book over the summer and into the fall.” Congratulations to Brittany for her children’s book job, we are so proud of our mentees and can’t wait to see where they succeed next! Check out some of Brittany’s work below!

Meg offers so much more than learning about the art side, she also encourages her mentees to be prepared for the business side as well. During her mentorship, Brittany told us she, “mostly concentrated on promotional items such as postcards, business cards and how to write emails effectively while building on pieces for my portfolio as well as experimenting weekly with different sketchbook prompts.”

Meg is taking on two mentees this Fall from anywhere in the world. Her style is infectiously charming, her skill range is enormous, and she is clearly a fantastic mentor. Check out some of Meg’s work on her blog!

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