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Congrats Fall 2014 Mentees!


Every round of applications draws a wide variety of talent and enthusiasm and our FALL 2014 Motivarti Mentorship Program was no different.  No matter how many times go through the process, the decisions never become easier. After very careful analysis and deliberation, we have finished reviewing all the applications and we’re thrilled to announce our FALL 2014 Motivarti Mentees!  Congratulations!

Samantha Vilfort (Ian Abando)

Gaelle Beerens (Ian Abando)

Amy Kim (Helen Chen)

Aurry Tan (Frederic Durand)

Maya Shavzin (Craig Elliott)

Corina St. Martin (Cory Godbey)

Fridemann Allmenroder (Leighton Hickman)

Alexandria Neonakis (Leighton Hickman)

Anoosha Syed (Meg Hunt)

Olga Demidova (Meg Hunt)

Caroline Hadilaksono (Dan Krall)

Gaelle Beerens (Octavio Rodriguez)

Saud Boksmati (Octavio Rodriguez)

Greg Lambrakis (Thomas Scholes)

Ivo Nies (Thomas Scholes)

Jean Liang (Justin K Thompson)

*Not all mentees opted to have their name and/or link appear on the list above. 

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