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Mentor of the Day: Garrett Hanna


We’re super excited to introduce our first new mentor for Spring 2015- Garrett Hanna! Garrett’s unique style, whimsical and clever character design, and sophisticated sense of color has enabled him to work across in several industries during his career, including illustration, gaming, and animation.

After graduating from Sheridan College with a focus on classical animation, Garrett worked as a concept artist at GANZ in Toronto before leaving in 2011 to work as a concept artist at Carbine Studios. His diverse skill set had him doing everything from character design to magazine covers, posters, and illustrations for the MMO Wildstar. He’s recently returned to Canada with a full freelance client portfolio, and will also be teaching Advanced Digital Painting at Laguna College of Art and Design online.

Garrett’s goal as a mentor is to provide clear, honest feedback which will result in maximum improvement. He’s interested in working with someone who is driven and artistically like-minded, as well as being open to weekly exercises to build observation skills. He’s open to working with international students.

To experience Garrett’s work and his artistic world, be sure to visit his tumblr.

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