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Mentor of the Day: Frederic Durand

Frederic_Frederic_tombraider1_1It takes a lot of hardworking and talented people to make an animated or feature film. One aspect of the multi-faceted world of filmmaking is the beautiful art of lighting. Lighters are often the hidden heroes of a film, while everyone else is putting all the pieces together, the lighters are there at the end to make sure the right lighting sets the right mood for each sequence. If it’s your dream to bring light to beautiful worlds, Frederic Durand is the perfect Mentor for you!

Working with Frederic means you’ll learn a whole lot more than the technical side of lighting in CG, but really exploring the artistic side of lighting, as well as what it takes to work on the job as a lighter. He will bring classic filmmaking techniques that have been around for decades, and how we apply these methods and ideas into modern computer animated filmmaking. For Frederic, it’s not about how we use the tools, but why we use them.

Frederic has a detailed plan on what he likes to go over with his mentees, but is still absolutely flexible to the goals and needs of each individual. He is willing to take up to three artists from anywhere in the world for a ten week mentorship. A wonderful opportunity for any aspiring lighter ready to dive into deeper insight about their craft. Frederic is a wonderful and patient teacher, and looking for a few amazing mentees to brighten up the CG world!


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