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Mentor of the Day: Brenda Chapman

Chapman_EgyptA mentorship like this only comes around once in a blue moon. An astounding director and storyteller known for her Oscar winning work on Brave, and unforgettable work on Prince of Egypt and The Lion King. We are so very fortunate to have Brenda Chapman back for a third round of mentoring!

Every time Brenda mentors a student, quite a bit of magic occurs. Her Mentees never stop raving to us about how wonderful she is and how much they’ve learned from her throughout the ten week program. Its the kind of relationship Motivarti strives for in each pairing of Mentors and Mentees, and one that Brenda always seems to pull off effortlessly.

Brenda’s most recent Mentee is the talented Heather Larkin, whom we were so excited to meet in person at this previous year’s CTN. She had nothing but kind words to say about Mentoring under Brenda. We asked Heather about her favorite part of the Mentorship and she told us, “I enjoyed everything about it. I enjoyed Brenda the most – she is so delightful to talk to. She is warm and friendly. It meant a lot to me that someone with so much talent and experience, can be so kind and open.”

One would assume talking to a director with such stature as Brenda would be intimidating, but Heather insisted, “Just talking to her, one on one … It’s hard to describe, but it’s more valuable than any book or any other learning experience I’ve ever had.” Even more so, Brenda is in a position many women were never able to achieve in past generations, as Heather pointed out, “She’s a powerhouse in the animation world, and as a woman, I find that very encouraging, but more than all that, she’s super sweet and open and funny and generous and she’s determined to be helpful to young artists the way her mentors were helpful to her.”


Heather’s advice to those applying for the Spring 2015 Mentorship? “Apply!! Even if you don’t get her [as your mentor], she might see your work!” You’ve loved the films Brenda has helped shape, and you know your portfolio is ready – why not be a little bit brave and apply for the one of a kind Brenda Chapman?

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