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Mentor of the Day: Drake Brodhal

DrakeB_graveyardAnother new mentor recommended by veteran mentor, Thomas Scholes is Drake Brodahl

Drake is an L.A. based illustrator and gallery artist currently working as a background painter for Nickelodeon Animation Studio. He has worked on television shows, shorts and pilots for Bento Box, Warner Bros, Renegade, Disney TV and Nickelodeon since 2011. Drake currently focuses on background paint, but has also done character design and background design for different studios.

Prior to that, he was an illustrator and interactive designer in the graphic design and casual gaming industry for over 10 years. Watch this interview with Drake from while at CTN 2010 to hear about some of Drake’s background and influences.  Then check out this interview with the Schmancy Gallery about more of Drake’s perspectives.

On the side, Drake has exhibited his paintings in art galleries since 2006 and continues to participate regularly in art shows both locally and internationally.  If you’re familiar with Downtown Disneyland’s Wonderground Gallery, Drake has an upcoming artist showcase with them this January 24-25.  Swing by and say hi!

Check out his some of his awesome work here before visiting his website and blogspot for more about Drake and more of his work!

To be mentored by Drake, check out his full profile and then apply here.

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