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Mentor of the Day: Cory Godbey

CoryGodbey_Scan 5We’re so pleased to welcome back our fantastic illustration mentor Cory Godbey. Cory has a great list of clients, having worked with HarperCollins, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Archaia, and The Jim Henson Co., as well as on a variety of animated shorts and commercials. His range of experience is incredible, and definitely speaks to the wealth of knowledge he has to share with his mentees!

In addition, Cory’s work has been featured in a variety of esteemed annuals and publications including, Image FX, The Society of Illustrators, and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Most recently, Cory was invited to be on the panel of judges for Spectrum 21. You can check out some of his work through videos on his vimeo page.

Besides his successful illustration career, Cory is dedicated to passing on his artistic knowledge. Beyond Motivarti, Cory teaches classes through TLC Workshops in the Seattle area and has an online class through The Lamp Post Guild about getting into the habit of producing personal work, called “Introduction to the Art of Personal Work.”

Cory is excited to work with a mentee at any level of experience, and he is open to international students. His ideal mentee is someone with total dedication to putting in the work, an interest in pushing the storytelling in their pieces, and a drive to develop and broaden their visual vocabulary.

Cory’s mentee in Fall 2014, Corina St. Martin, applied to the Motivarti program with a strong interest in creating a cohesive portfolio. Cory helped Corina decide on a theme, then provided guidance and feedback in laying out several new pieces for her children’s book portfolio. Corina adds, “He also did several video draw-overs and paint-overs that showed how he works. It was incredibly helpful. Cory also gave me the confidence to know that I can do this kind of work. It was fun and very comfortable to work with Cory!”

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In terms of advice for people interested in having Cory as a mentor, Corina says, “Cory is a really cool guy. He’s patient and incredibly nice, not to mention how much I love his work. When working with a mentor, I feel it’s important to try to find someone who you think you’ll click with. Someone who knows more than you do and who is doing what you want to be doing. Also someone who isn’t afraid to share their techniques with another artist. I found that here and I’m so glad that he took the chance on me too.”

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