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Mentor of the Day: Dan Krall

DanKrall_3The talented and wonderful Dan Krall has returned for another session of mentorship with Motivarti!

Dan has worked as a background designer, story artist, character designer, and art director in feature and television animation at studios including DreamWorks Animation, Sony Animation, LAIKA, and Cartoon Network. His credits include “Samurai Jack,” “Coraline,” and “How to Train Your Dragon.” He’s also a successful children’s book illustrator, and comes highly recommended by past mentees!

Caroline Hadilaksono, Dan’s mentee in Fall 2014, said “Dan is very generous with his time and advice, about your work and career advice.” She entered the mentorship with the goal of creating new portfolio content. During the term, they worked on character design and came away with several finished key story moment illustrations.

She recommends that future mentees “should go into the mentorship with a solid idea for a project. For instance, if I do this again, I would prepare a picture book manuscript that I’ve written or am already working on, so that there’s a clear direction for the mentorship from the get-go.”

Another of Dan’s previous mentees, Angela Oster, told us, “I enjoyed every single minute. It was especially great when Dan liked a picture because he is very direct with his critique. He taught me quite a few ‘golden rules’ that I never learned in art school. I will carry these with me always.”

We’re excited that Dan will again be available for international mentorships as well. Check out more of Dan’s charming work at his blog!

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