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Mentor of the Day: Brian Ajhar

MOTIVARTI.AJHAR.NoPirates.BubblesAspiring illustrators can rejoice, we have a brand new artist available for mentoring, and we are so excited to introduce him to you! Brian Ajhar is known for his humorous and charming children’s book illustrations, many of which have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list. Brian is looking for one mentee from anywhere in the world this Spring!

Brian’s strengths stretch further than illustration, and his wealth of knowledge will be perfect for the absorbent mind of an eager mentee. He has drawn for magazines, books, advertising and animation – and has been featured in “The Illustrator in America”, a historical anthology of notable illustrators from 1860 through 2000. Clearly, a mentorship with Brian means you’re in great artistic hands.

For ten weeks, Brian has a pretty good idea of the type of work he’d like to accomplish with one passionate and enthusiastic student. He has a direction and idea of what his mentee should work towards, but at the core it will be about the student’s passions and choice of subject manners. It’s up to you to have the ideas, and Brian can help guide you to accomplishment with projects and critiques to guide you on your way.

Check out Brian’s website for a great library of his beautiful children’s books and other illustrative works, and apply to be his mentee today!

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