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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

by Octavio Rodriguez

by Octavio Rodriguez

One of our most prolific and highly recommended mentors is back for another session with Motivarti! Octavio Rodriguez is an experienced story artist at Pixar, working most recently on “Monsters University”. He comes with over 16 years of feature and television animation experience under his belt, including “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and many other series. In his spare time, he has self-published five books of sequential art. He is looking to mentor two talented young artists from anywhere in the world!

Saud Boksmati, Octavio’s mentee in Fall 2014, enjoyed working with Octavio because “he has a high standard but was also very patient in explaining the most basic principles when I needed it. The honesty and transparency of my mentor made the overall experience excellent.”

They set a goal at the beginning of the mentorship to improve Saud’s portfolio. Saud told us about the results: “I was able storyboard several of my own stories…most of which did not work well and Octavio was very astute in his ability to quickly analyze where they did not work. In the end, I was able to produce two portfolio pieces that were strong, which was the objective.”

Saud suggests that prospective mentees “come into this prepared, knowing full well a what you want out of this so you can help your mentor be informed about your true level and what you want to achieve. Be straightforward and not intimidated.”

Octavio is looking for hard-working aspiring story artists who are excited and ready to commit to the ten-week program with as much energy as possible. If you are ready to learn about the challenging world of storyboarding and gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the animation industry, Octavio will be a perfect mentor for you!

Check out some of Octavio’s work below and his tumblr here!

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