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Mentor of the Day: Thomas Scholes

tomscholes-traversalThomas Scholes is consistently one of our most beloved Concept Artist Mentors. Time and time again his former Mentees rave about how wonderful he is, and it’s easy to see why. The relationships that are developed in ten weeks are every bit as strong as the artwork he regularly produces. It’s impressive and admirable to watch someone succeed so highly in their job, and simultaneously be able to pass along their knowledge. Luckily for you, Thomas is open to passing more knowledge along to two hardworking Mentees this term from anywhere in the world!

We asked Fall 2014 Mentee, Ivo Nies to talk about his time with Thomas, “Overall it has been a great experience that I am very glad I had. Chatting with Thomas over Skype has been a lot of fun as he is a really kind and supportive teacher who seems to hit the nail on the head on each little or big thing that can improve my work. It has truly been a pleasure.” We often have success with our Mentor and Mentee pairings, and it makes us so happy that Thomas has been such a wonderful Mentor for each student he has teamed up with.

Greg Lambrakis, another Fall 2014 Mentee, would agree, “Thomas is not only a brilliant artist, he is also easy-going, super smart, and easy to talk to. He’s very sharp and will probably know exactly what you need within 15 minutes of your first chat. […] What Thomas wants is that each student be more like themselves, like the best version of themselves.” Thomas has a fairly flexible 10 week plan, that revolves around the student and their needs, guaranteeing you a one of a kind experience.

If you become one of his Mentees this upcoming term, remember his former Mentee Greg’s words of wisdom in regards to Thomas, “Keep an open mind, and take his advice to heart.”

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