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Mentor of the Day: Nicolas Weis

NicolasWeis (5)We’re excited to be welcoming back for a second time mentor, Nicolas Weis!  Currently working as a freelance visual development artist, Nicolas’ past projects have been for companies such as Reel FX, Psyop, Paramount Pictures, Big Red Button, and DreamWorks Animation. Some major projects have included The Croods, How to Train Your Dragon, and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Nicolas’ previous mentee, Friedemann Allmenröder, created some amazing work with Nicolas!  Check it out below.

Here are some words from Friedermann about his time with Nicolas:

Nicolas has a very strong understanding of design and is very good at giving feedback that helped me understand very quickly what I should improve about my work. He was very open and genuine and I felt like he really wanted to make sure I got the most out of the most out of the 10 weeks.

During the mentorship, Nicolas helped me to develop a stronger sense for design, drawing and composition. Over the course of the mentorship, we set up a project for me to work on and Nicolas gave me weekly feedback and suggestions on my progress. By this, we managed to come up with a good amount of finished work and sketches to build my portfolio on. I’m very happy with the result, especially the learning experience.

If you want to improve you’re work by getting lots of constructive feedback and really putting in the work it takes, Nicolas is the perfect teacher for it. He is a great person and an amazing artist who is very dedicated to giving you the best learning experience possible.

If you have an interested in becoming a visual development artist, we highly recommend you consider a mentorship with Nicolas.

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