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Mentor of the Day: Evgeni Tomov

EvgeniTomov_dor1We’re excited to introduce Evgeni Tomov, one of our new mentors for Fall 2015. Evgeni has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in animation, specializing in production design and concept art, including a role as Production Designer on “The Triplets of Belleville”!

After earning an MFA at the Nikolai Pavlovitch University of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, Evgeni began his art career as an art director and illustrator in the advertising industry in the 1990s in Montreal. His interests quickly shifted to animation and he worked on several children’s TV series, doing everything from layout and environment design to series development. After working with Sylvain Chomet on the Oscar-nominated short film “The Old Lady and the Pigeons”, Evgeni assumed the dual role of art director and production designer of the award-winning “The Triplets of Belleville”. Evgeni’s collaboration with Chomet continued on the award-winning film “The Illusionist” as well.

Evgeni’s broad range of credits also include a Production Designer role on both Universal’s “The Tale of Despereaux” and Aardman’s “Arthur Christmas”, as well as roles in visual development and concept design for DreamWorks Animation. Coming from a fine arts and illustration background, Evgeni uses that training to inform the work he does in animation. He finds the creation of a whole, stylistic concept for a film very exciting, and seeing that vision applied in the design of the world itself is very rewarding. In particular, one of the most interesting aspects of his work for him is creating the color script and developing the emotional color and tonal language for the film.

In terms of Motivarti mentorships, Evgeni is open to working with up to two mentees from anywhere in the world. He is fluent in English, Russian, and Bulgarian. As a mentor, he’s interested in giving career direction and industry advice, as well as working specifically with his mentee to create additional portfolio pieces and identify strengths and weaknesses. He’ll cover some of the universal principles of visual development and concept design for animation, but he’s especially excited to tailor the mentorship to the specific goals and interests of each mentee.

As Evgeni’s mentee, you’ll get sample assignments similar to what you’d get in the industry, and then receive guidance on how to analyze and develop the assignment to meet (and even exceed) industry standards. Evgeni also emphasized that all of this will be done “with fun and creativity (entirely possible)!”

For more information on Evgeni and to see his work, you can visit his portfolio site and his IMDB page

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