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Mentor of the Day: Brian Ajhar

MOTIVARTI.AJHAR.CharacterPosterAnother mentor returning for their second time is Brian Ajhar!

As an illustrator working from Pennsylvania, Brian knows that you don’t have to live in Los Angeles or New York to have a successful career in the industry.  He has had an extensive career as a character designer and illustrator.

Tom van Rheenen, Brian’s Spring 2015 mentee, says the most important thing he learned from Brian was to, ” Draw WHO the character IS, not what he looks like. Think more about acting, personality, little differences in posture. Also, Brian helped me in terms of how to approach drawing in a more philosophical manner”

Tom applied to mentor under Brian because, “Brian showed interest of the fundamentals, rather than tricks, which really appealed to me.” Check out some of the work Tom accomplished with Brian during his mentorship below.

From people to animals, from fairy tales to politics, Brian Ajhar is a diverse and distinguished artist looking to mentor two mentees this session from anywhere in the world!

If you’re selected for this mentorship, “You’re in for a treat,” says Tom. “Brian is a very friendly and knowledgeable mentor. He gives you tailored advice to your needs, looks at where your weaker points are and helps you improve with feedback, drawing exercises and draw overs. Brian’s drawings don’t rely on fancy tricks or brushstrokes, but on fundamental knowledge, which enables him to help you greatly, regardless of your style, and bring your work to a new level.”

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