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Mentor of the Day: Thomas Scholes

tomscholes-guildwars2-caveWe’re thrilled to welcome Thomas Scholes back for another round of Motivarti mentorship! Thomas is consistently one of our most beloved Concept Artist mentors. His former mentees rave about how wonderful he is, and it’s easy to see why. The relationships that are developed in 10 weeks are every bit as strong as the artwork he regularly produces. It’s impressive and admirable to watch someone succeed so highly in their job, and simultaneously be able to pass along their knowledge. Luckily for you, Thomas is open to passing more knowledge along to two hardworking mentees this term from anywhere in the world!

We asked Spring 2015 mentee Angela (Angi) Pauly Llobet to talk about her experience with Thomas. She said, “Thomas is one of the smartest, most interesting people I’ve had the delight to talk to. This is by far one of the most constructive and exciting experiences I’ve had in my life.” Regarding where she began with the mentorship and her goals, she said, “My environment skills were very weak, I was not confident about color and technique, and creating something as big and complex as an environment was something too overwhelming for me. I wanted to learn a new pathway to make things less stressful and more fun.”  Check out some of the work she accomplished below.

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With Thomas’s guidance, she saw a vast improvement and, more importantly, her whole attitude and experience of the process of creating art changed as well. Angi describes, “I managed to get courage and make a lot of paintings every week with different methods to see what worked best for me. I learned the importance of having a positive relationship with my artwork and mostly to enjoy making it. I had ups and downs by myself but Thomas was always on point on how to get back on my feet every time.”

We often have success with our mentor and mentee pairings, and it makes us so happy that Thomas has been such a wonderful mentor for each student he has teamed up with!

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