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Mentor of the Day: Derek Hunter

DerekHunter_6Derek Hunter is coming back for another round of Motivarti this Fall! You’ve admired his Production and Background Design work in fan favorites such as “Adventure Time with Finn & Jake” and “Bravest Warriors”, now you have a great opportunity to potentially have him as a Mentor!

His Spring 2015 Mentee, Ross Bradley had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with him, “Derek helped me develop my critical eye for my own work. He helped me see things in my own work that I may have missed before. He taught me to think about every little detail of a scene, to make an environment that felt alive and explorable.”

Ross thoughtfully considered the most important things he learned from Derek, “[I learned] the basic underlying principals of background design, in addition to artistic techniques such as perspective, vanishing points, etc. I learned the philosophy of background design as well my strengths and weaknesses of my graphical style.” Check out some of Ross’s work from his Mentorship!

To those of you that are nervous about applying with limited Background Design experience, Ross was very reassuring, “Don’t worry if you lack experience in background design. I knew hardly anything about it, but in 10 short weeks Derek turned me from a novice to a confident Background Designer.”

Derek will be taking one Mentee from anywhere in the world this Fall! If you still have doubts as to whether he may be the right Mentor for you, just keep in mind Ross Bradley’s wonderful review, “Derek was seriously a great mentor. He genuinely cared about my work and improvement and was never harsh or disrespectful. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.”

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