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Mentor of the Day: Bobby Pontillas

BobbyPontillas_Pirates02Every session of Motivarti, we look forward to welcoming new Mentors that really shake things up. We are so excited to welcome Bobby Pontillas, the perfect Mentor for a hardworking student! If this is the first time you’ve heard of him, there’s a great chance you already love his work and haven’t realized it. Bobby is an incredibly talented Character Designer, currently working on the new ‘Tangled’ animated series for Disney Television Animation! During his time during the training program at Disney, he also provided designs for Disney’s upcoming films such as ‘Giants’ and ‘Moana’! Bobby is also a fantastic Animator, having worked on such beloved films such as Disney’s ‘Wreck-it Ralph’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Big Hero 6’, ‘Feast’, and the upcoming ‘Zootopia’.

His ideal plan with his Mentee reflects a structure he picked up from when he was being mentored at Disney. It goes right back to the heart of design, by making sure your designs tell a story. He plans to have his student focus on a well known story and put their own spin on it. There’s so much potential, and with research and hard work, an amazing potential portfolio could flourish!

Bobby is also known for his amazing caricatures! Check out some of them on his blog!


Applying to be Bobby’s Mentee is a unique opportunity to work with someone who not only knows how to design, but can make beautiful designs that work perfectly for animation. He is a friendly person, and Motivarti is excited to see him pair up with just the right person!

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