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Mentor of the Day: Mauricio Abril

MauricioAbril_Sonic Flash Superman Mauricio AbrilWe’re excited to introduce one of our new mentors for Fall 2015, Mauricio Abril! If you’re looking for a kind, generous mentor with a keen eye for composition and storytelling, Mauricio would be a perfect fit for you.

Mauricio has a breadth of wisdom and artistic experience, as well an interesting path to becoming an artist. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Molecular Biology, Mauricio reconnected with his childhood passion—art—and enrolled at Art Center College of Design, studying Illustration and Entertainment Design. He credits his science background with providing the strong analytical skills that help him look at a piece critically and improve it, be it through changes in composition, figure drawing and posing, prop design, environment design, color and lighting, and/or storytelling.

An expert at combining the needs of a story with visual illustration, Mauricio has a pitch-perfect sense of how the basic elements of composition—line, shape, value, color—work together to communicate an interesting and relevant concept. At a high level, he understands how the expressiveness of illustration combines with the fundamentals of design to develop an image with impact and emotional content.

Professionally, Mauricio is an Art Director at BRC Imagination Arts, providing concept art and key direction on multiple experiential entertainment projects. He also teaches several classes at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) and CGMA, including Design Fundamentals, Composition, and Intro to Visual Development. And he still manages to find time to work on several personal projects, including a children’s book and several animatics, as well as exhibiting his work on the convention circuit.

His ideal mentee would have a great attitude, a strong desire for improvement, and a commitment to the mentorship. He’s open to someone who’s trying to get into art school or already in art school and looking to improve, or someone who isn’t able to go to art school but is serious in their pursuit of becoming a professional artist.

Mauricio is available to take on one mentee from anywhere in the world—get ready to be motivated and inspired!

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