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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

Octavio_sketch2Octavio Rodriguez is back and ready to work with two enthusiastic Mentees this Fall! He is one of our most loved and longest standing Mentors. He brilliantly challenges hardworking potential Storyboard Artists, and helps them bring their portfolio to their fullest potential. Octavio has been all over the animation industry, having been a Storyboard Artist in plenty of television and feature animation studios. Most recently he’s been busy at Pixar, but he always manages to find some time to be a great Mentor!

One of his most recent students from the Spring 2015 Motivarti session was Ying-Hsuan Chen. She described to us what they worked on over the ten week Mentorship. She informed us, “Story development, boarding method, problem solving. We have developed beat boards and rough boards for two short stories.” Check out some of her hard work below!

Octavio has been a great guide for all of his Mentees, and he’s excited to take on students from anywhere in the world! If you are fortunate enough to be chosen, Ying-Hsuan has some words of advice for you! She says to, “Come prepared! Know what you want to do and what you want to learn. Help the mentor to help you learn. By asking questions, you can help your mentor effectively pinpoint your problems. Octavio is a great communicator and he always give me the answers I need. I learned a lot from just asking question alone. Take the initiative and ask questions! You would gain much more than you expected from this mentorship.” Octavio is ready for your questions, and your application!

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