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Mentor of the Day: Ian Abando

IanAbando_6Interested in story boarding?  Well, Ian Abando would be a great mentor for you!

Since graduating Art Center College of Design just four years ago, Ian has worked for a variety of studios including Jim Henson, Nickelodeon, Laika, Disney TV, Illumination, Sony, and currently, Dreamworks where he is a storyboard artist.

At Dreamworks  Animation, he’s involved on a number of projects set to be released over the next 3 years (most of which are undisclosed).  One of his more recent project set for debut is the Minion Movie, coming out on July 10.   Check out this clip he storyboarded on his instagram!

In addition to working full-time, Ian finds time to sharpen his sketching skills.  “I’m not as consistent with it as a I used to be, but I definitely try go sketching once a week.”  See some awesome images below.

Ian is also constantly doing film studies – tiny sketches in black and white from frames of feature films.  “Whether it’s for the purpose of reference when I’m at work, or just general enrichment, I find film studies incredibly useful in terms of informing my sense of staging, cutting, lighting, acting, etc.” says Ian.

So if you’re looking to break into animation via story boarding, definitely consider Ian as your mentor!

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