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Congrats Fall 2015 Mentees!


We want to thank everyone who applied to our Fall 2015 mentorship program!  This is our 8th session and each year we see so many portfolios progress.  While we wish we could help everyone, our mentors have a limited number of time to participate.  After much deliberation, we are pleased to present our Fall 2015 Motivarti Mentorship Mentees!

Cody Walzel (Ian Aband0)

Kevin Fleury (Ian Abando)

Celine Qian You (Maurico Abril)

Maria McFarland (Mauricio Abril)

Polly Tzelepis (Mauricio Abril)

Rachel McAlister (Brian Ajhar)

Caroline Boyk (Brian Ajhar)

Eric Pagtaconan (Frederic Durand)

Marcos Ramos (Garrett Hanna)

Nicolas Hammond (Garrett Hanna)

James Martin (Garrett Hanna)

Rianti Hidayat (Meg Hunt)

Alice Lee (Meg Hunt)

Eric Omega (Derek Hunter)

Harriet-Lane Ngo (Derek Hunter)

Kay Ketong Liu (Noah Klocek)

Hollie Mengert (Bobby Pontillas)

Tobias Schwarz (Octavio Rodriguez)

Rudy Zumbi (Octavio Rodriguez)

Scott Pellico (Thomas Scholes)

Monica Grue (Thomas Scholes)

Beverly Chen (Evgeni Tomov)

Anne Rufin (Evgeni Tomov)

Flavio Nishiyama (Nicolas Weis)

Min Fu Yovaisis (Nicolas Weis)

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