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Spring 2016 Applications Open


The time has come!  This is our second to last session of our mentorship program.  We’ve done our best to put together a list of old and new mentors just for you!  With artists with expertise from storyboard to character design to visual development and even lighting, we hope you find the one you’re looking for.

As always, this is a reminder that all of our mentors are industry professionals so their time is very valuable.  We’re truly honored to have them dedicate their time for this program and don’t know if they will return for our final session.  So be sure to apply to them now if you think you may want to work with them.  Also, if you apply to the program, be sure you have both the time and determination to get the most of out the program as you can.

Applications for our Spring 2016 program will be accepted Monday, January 18 through Sunday, February 7, 2016.  Details on how to apply can be found on our application page as well as our FAQs page and policies page.

Should you like more advise on what makes a great application, please search our archives for additional posts such as these two opening posts here and here.

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