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Mentor of the Day: Bobby Pontillas

BobbyPontillas_006For our first Mentor of the Day post, we’re excited to welcome back Bobby Pontillas!

This past fall was Bobby’s first time mentoring through Motivarti and his mentee, Hollie Mengert had nothing but glowing things to say about her time with him.  

Hollie wanted to learn more about character design and visual development.  She decided to apply to Bobby because she found it helpful that Bobby had a similar working background as her before he worked in film. This became a great motivator for her to see that he had transitioned his area of focus successfully.

“I really feel like I learned a lot. I think most importantly to try a variety of different designs to get the most out of your work, don’t get caught up in one design without lots of exploration. And research research research! It may be hard to lay off sketching in the beginning, but in the long run research will give you lots of new ideas.”

Together, Hollie developed a cast of characters for the story, Rikki Tikki Tavi.” In addition to these she developed several story based illustrations and character acting moments as you can see below:


“Bobby is kind, patient, humble, and helpful, but also good at direction and communication! I can’t recommend him highly enough. I feel so grateful for this experience and it’s so nice to know that there is a way to connect with industry professionals outside of a college environment. As someone with a job in the industry, I am constantly looking to improve my art, but so many courses or internships require class credit in order to participate. Motivarti was something I could do in addition to my 9 to 5 job and didn’t have college credit restrictions. Motivarti was the perfect way to push my art in the area I wanted to, and get professional feedback from someone with amazing experience.”

We’re so glad Hollie had a great time working with Bobby and look forward to having Bobby share his expertise with another mentee soon!

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