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Mentor of the Day: Michel Breton

MichelBreton_Boxtrolls2Have you been inspired by the gorgeous visual style of movies such as Boxtrolls, Coraline, or The Triplets of Belleville? Have you always wanted to study under one of the talents that helped bring these movies to life? Then Michel Breton is the perfect mentor for you!

Michel is one of our newest mentors, and he has a strong wealth of talent all over the board! While he is well known for his concept art, art directing, and character design – he wears a great variety of additional artistic hats including comic strip artist, background artist and producer!

He is the type of Mentor that isn’t necessarily looking for the most experienced artist, but willing to work with his mentee if they are in need of a refresher on their foundation work. Your 10 week plan may vary depending on your own experience and goals, but Michel is interested in working with a mentee that is curious and enthusiastic about their own artistic growth.

Additionally, you’re in luck if you’re an international student! Michel is open to applicants from anywhere in the world, and is also fluent in French. If you’re ready to learn, Michel just might be the perfect artistic match for you! And if you’re a fan of stop motion and particularly the movie Boxtrolls, be sure to check out these fantastic comparisons of Michel’s design work and the finished sets of the film!

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