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Mentor of the Day: Brian Ajhar

FB.AJHAR.WINE.BACCHUSWe’re very pleased to be welcoming back mentor, Brian Ajhar!

Brian Ajhar is a well established illustrator in the editorial, publishing, and animation industry.  His long list of clients includes dozens of national magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, corporate clients, book publishers and animation studios.  If you haven’t checked out Brian’s work, be sure to do so.  He often publishes quick video sketches on his facebook page as well!  So be sure to subscribe.

Fall mentee, Rachel McAlister, applied to Brian in hopes of developing multiple characters for a single story and strengthening my environments.

The most important thing Rachel learned through her time with Brian was character interactions.  Check out how she implemented that through the various projects and assignments she worked on with Brian.

Each mentorship varies from mentor to mentor.  Often our mentors, including Brian, don’t have typical syllabus for the 10 week program so that they can tailor each mentorship to the specific needs of the new mentee.  Rachel advises that anyone who considers the program “needs to be comfortable with not having the standard structure that you [might] usually follow in a typical vis dev class.”

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