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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez

by Octavio Rodriguez

by Octavio Rodriguez

For nearly every session of Motivarti we have been incredibly fortunate to welcome back Mentor Octavio Rodriguez! He has been working in the animation industry for many years, and is currently a Storyboard Artist at Pixar Animation, most recently credited on “Monsters University”. Despite his busy schedule, he has always been so generous with his time in helping out our past Mentees.

Octavio’s Fall 2015 Mentee, Tobias Schwarz decided to take a different track with his Mentorship. While most students may choose to work on a specific portfolio piece, he decided to develop his personal short film under Octavio’s guidance. He only had kind things to say about his experience, “Finding the right mentor is simply the best way to fast track your talent. Working with Octavio as a story mentor through Motivarti has been key to developing my personal short film. Needless to say that Octavios technical and professional expertise in storyboarding is outstanding. He knows when to step in or step back, but never stays detached. No matter if you are starting out in the business looking into developing your portfolio and learning the trade or if you are a seasoned professional looking to expand and fine tune your skills, Octavio will be a great mentor for you.” Check out some of Tobias’ work below!

We have been so happy to have Octavio as a Mentor throughout our sessions of Motivarti! He is a wonderful person to learn from, and many of his Mentees have gone on to do great things! If you’re ready to completely commit yourself to a storyboarding career, Octavio may be the perfect Mentor for you!

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