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Mentor of the Day: Garrett Hanna

GarrettHanna_5If your dream is to develop crazy amazing game concept art for a living, you should probably consider applying for a Mentorship under Garrett Hanna. Garrett is a popular freelance illustrator, character designer, concept artist, and all around great Mentor! He has constantly been offering his knowledge as a digital painting teacher, and this is your opportunity to learn from him one on one.

Nicolas Hammond, Garrett’s Fall 2015 mentee was most interested in learning about the industry, aside from learning different techniques.  What was the most important thing he took away?  “It’s hard to give a specific thing but I did learn a general sense of how to approach a new piece, “says Nicolas.

Garrett is looking for three artists from anywhere in the world! He wants to work with Mentees that are truly excited about art, and ready to soak in knowledge like a sponge. He is looking for artists that are excited to paint and draw every day, in fact they should already have it as part of their regular routine! For some inspiration, check out some of Garrett’s art below!

According to Garrett’s website, he is also available for pizza parties! Be sure to check out more of his work on his facebook art page!

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