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Mentor of the Day: Ben Juwono

BenJuwono_sample-04Don’t let his Masters in Physics fool you! Ben Juwono has made a name for himself as a Director and Storyboard Artist at DreamWorks Animation TV.  He is currently Directing on the DreamWorks & Netflix series “The Adventures of Puss in Boots”. We are so excited to have him on board as a Mentor at Motivarti this Spring 2016 term, fresh off of his double Annie Awards nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Storyboarding!

If you are genuinely serious about pursuing the path of Storyboarding as a career, Ben Juwono is the perfect Mentor for you! He is direct and honest when he reviews a portfolio, but he is also excellent at knowing what each individual student should focus on in order to improve their work, and take a step closer to their dream job. He has recently taught at Concept Design Academy to enormous success, and greatly enjoys taking the time to help out a student that is ready to accept criticism and put in the pencil mileage. The great thing about this Mentorship is that you can have one-on-one attention each week to work on your personal portfolio or other projects. A Mentorship with Ben is a fantastic opportunity you must not pass up! Check out some of Ben’s storyboard work below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ben is extremely dedicated to his craft, but for fun he likes to wake up early in the morning to watch his favorite team, Manchester United. He also likes to attempt to make latte art, but he will probably never succeed as a barista.  For more artistic inspiration, check out some of Ben’s amazing Puss in Boots animatics on his website!

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