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Mentor of the Day: Nicolas Weis

NicolasWeis (6)

We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome back Nicolas Weis as our mentor of the day!

Nicolas Weis joins us for the third time this fall 2016.  Working  in feature animation since 2008, Nicolas is a well versed as visual development artist.  He is skilled in not only designing, props, characters, and backgrounds but also working both traditionally and digitally.

Flavio Nishiyama, Nicolas’ Fall 2015 mentee had a wonderful experience during the mentorship program. “[Nicolas] help me a lot to figured out what I was missing in my portfolio and then during the mentorship he guided me to push as hard as possible the ideas and design for my pieces. Still a lot of work to do but a have I very structured plan to create my project.”

When asked what it was like learning from Nicolas, Flavio said, “Nicolas Weis is not just a great artist but also an awesome mentor. He is very honest and straightforward on his comments and always have some great advice to improve my work. I was amazed by his knowledge and his skills. Every conversation was super informative and a delight. He pushed me to work as hard as I could to achieve my goals and gave me lessons that I will cherish forever. I recommend him for every artist who is very serious about his craft and need a cut-to-chase mentor to help out improve his work to the professional level.”

Below is some of the work Flavio accomplished under Nicolas Weis.

Also, if you haven’t seen already, be sure to check out Nicolas’ sketchbook videos!  You can find them on his facebook page.  They’re a treasure, so be sure to take a peek.

Thank for reading!  To learn more about Nicolas, be sure to check out his profile page.

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