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Mentor of the Day: Elsa Chang


Back in Spring of 2012, we were thrilled to see the talented Elsa Chang study as a Mentee under Motivarti Mentor Lorelay Bové. It’s been an eventful and successful four years since Elsa joined the Motivarti family, and today we are proud to officially welcome her as our very first Mentee to become a Mentor!

Thanks to no shortage of hard work and determination, Elsa has become a prominent and respected Character Designer in the animation industry. After her Mentorship, she became a Visual Development Trainee at Walt Disney Animation Studios, followed by a Character Designer at Sony Animation, Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon, and currently DreamWorks TV Animation.  Check out some of her work below!

Elsa has learned so much from her mentors throughout the animation industry, and is ready to pay it forward! She is looking to pass on her knowledge to a determined goal oriented young talent that is ready to dive into ten weeks of hard work. She is willing to work with one student from anywhere in the world, and excited to help them with their skills as well as help them understand how the animation industry works.

When Elsa Chang isn’t hard at work on DreamWorks TV Animation’s “Dawn of the Croods”, she can often be found playing with her cats, selling her lovely art at conventions, or talking about eventually marrying Benedict Cumberbatch.

To learn more about Elsa, check out her profile page.

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