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Mentor of the Day: Meg Hunt

MegHunt_calendarAfter a short hiatus, Meg Hunt returns to mentoring with Motivarti for our final session!  Meg is a skilled illustrator who creates charming character-based illustrations and lush lettering and patterns for clients that include Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Disney, among many others.

In addition to working on illustrations, Meg also creates products, patterns, and even explorations in needle felting!  Last year Meg released the first children’s book she’s illustrated,  Interstellar Cinderella,which Publisher’s Weekly listed it as one of the best summer books of the year.  Be sure to see all her fantastic work on her website.

As for working with Motivarti, read what her Fall 2015 mentee, Rianti Hidayat, has to say about her time with Meg.

“There are 2 main things i learned through mentorship: One is to push my palette boundaries by drawing using limited color palette and second is how to tell better story within a drawing. I would never thought that lemon color, psychedelic blue and purple color could be used to color a human character; red could be used as outline color, or that dark cyan could be used as skin color. To be honest it`s scary to use color outside of my comfort zone and I kept adding color to the limited one I hd, but Meg keep encouraging me through the mentorship.”

“I applied the 2 things I learned in the mentorship by applying it to art for storybook I had in mind, “Growing Brick”. One of the characters used in the scene is the one I created before, Gardener. Meg was really kind to get along with my crazy unrefined idea and together discussing of how to make a scene that both describe character personality as well as the big picture. She also suggested I learn more about story telling by suggested several books on how to write a story. These mentorship drawings [below] are just small part, a base of storybook that I will create in the future. I look forward of sending her the full story book in near future. The whole process was challenging but fun!”

Lastly, when asked what’s the most important advice she’d give Meg’s next mentee – “Be active! Meg has wonderful personality and being active in your part is really important for the mentorship. Ask a lot and she will give a lot of suggestion about things you`ve never thought about before.”

So you ready to work with Meg?  Check out her profile and apply soon!  Applications close July 17!

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