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Mentor of the Day: Garrett Hanna


We’re ecstatic to welcome back Garrett Hanna as our Mentor of the Day!  Garrett joined Motivarti back in 2015 and has been a fantastic mentor.  Not only does he welcome multiple mentees, but they’ve all had great things to say about their experiences.

Roi Horn, one of Garrett’s Spring 2016 mentee, works full time so was interested in our mentorship program as an alternative to taking a full time class.  Roi was most interested in learning “why [Garrett] applies his technique, the way he was thinking when creating an art piece.”

Since Roi worked full time, he and Garrett focused more on creating solid beginnings so he could render them in his spare time.   “I consider the beginning stage the most important one so it was very helpful for me in that way.”  But check out on of his finished below!

creatures slayer

Kristen Pauline, another one of Garrett’s Spring 2016 mentees, also had some great feedback about Garrett.

“I wanted to push my style and finish as much as possible and hear from the perspective of someone who has freelanced a lot longer and more successfully than I have…Garrett’s feedback helped me figure out how to push my paintings to a more polished finish and spot some of the bad habits I’ve fallen into in my artwork…[A] critique from an experienced artist is one of the most valuable learning tools that exists for artists. It’s super hard to find that outside of an art school. So just chatting with an experienced artist one on one about anything to do with art and creative industries is amazing.”

Definitely check out the before/after progress Kristen made on her images while working with Garrett!


Final parting thoughts?  Garrett has an extensive career and wealth of knowledge “but you need to know what to ask in order to get it,” says Roi.  Roi advises Garrett’s future mentees, “[Be sure] to guide the conversation to where you want it to go.”

So there you have it!  If you’re interested in being one of Garrett’s final mentees be sure to check out his profile page first and then apply soon!

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