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As an artist, depending on where you come from, it may be difficult to find people that support art as a career choice. Even though there are more artistic disciplines at present, getting to become a success for some can still prove to be difficult. That’s especially true for local artists that haven’t had the privilege of going to school to study art.

Whether you’re a graduate or not, art is a field that requires no papers to prove your skill. That’s why organisations like motivarti are making waves in this industry. Such networking communities help bring various companies to where art is the heart of the matter. This is a path we feel offers great opportunities for learning on both sides of the spectrum.

Besides bringing artists and prospective employers together, we also offer inspiration. Our aim is to help those who are new to the field to learn the ropes. That way, they can hit the ground running as they work towards becoming professionals with their artistic skillset.

While here, you’ll get to know more about:

  • Where to go to register for art workshops and classes
  • The various mentorship programs for aspiring artists
  • How to find trending events in your area for networking

Getting Help As A Local Artist

You can choose to find a path that leads you to your dream career. However, as times keep changing, the methods that applied last year may be useless this year. That’s why working with organisations like motivarti helps.

Getting the attention of major companies, regardless of your skillset, may not be an easy endeavour. That’s why artists turn to us. We help them bridge the gap between artistic companies and themselves. This helps them get to their dream job faster since they’ll be informed of what it takes to make it to the top.

Career Advancement For Artists

There are plenty of fields that artists can venture into these days. You may use your skills to aid in creating advertisements or presentations for big companies. Some can even venture into the field of 3D animation, which continues to gain popularity thanks to technological advancements in that area.

Whatever your aspirations, we can help you connect with people that are well versed in the ins and outs of that field. We work with several companies, each willing to offer trainers for various artistic disciplines. In doing so, trainees that prove they have exceptional skills can even progress to working for those companies. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Pay It Forward

With all the communities we create for local artists, we always encourage members to return the favour where possible. It’s not easy to find professionals that are willing to take the time to train newbies. Without them, everyone would have to learn the ropes the hard way so they can advance.

Although some would say that hard work is the path to becoming successful, for some, it can turn into a demotivator. To avoid such instances, our community of local artists, whether successful or up and coming, use our platform to guide and offer assistance to those in need. While you’re here, you’re among friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we’ve helped create several art communities in different regions. Get in touch with us so we can connect you to the talented individuals within these communities.

Start by getting in touch with us. We can help you create an artistic community that brings together your area’s local artists so they can network and help each other.

Motivarti sadly stopped back in 2016, but our site keeps the spirit of local art alive!