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Brian Ajhar

MOTIVARTI.AJHAR.cropAbout Brian Ajhar
Brian Ajhar’s illustrations are recognized for their distinctive and humorous point of view. His extensive client list includes dozens of national magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, corporate clients, book publishers and animation studios. His illustrated children’s books have been published worldwide in a multitude of languages and have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list. The diverse range of his ideas have been adapted to a variety of social, political and economic issues in the publishing world.

His work has been featured in many articles and books written about the field of illustration. The historical anthology, “The Illustrator in America” 1860-2000.written by noted illustration historian Walt Reed profiled Brian’s influences in the field of illustration. An excerpt from the book follows:“Ajhar has a free and fluid style of drawing coupled with humor that looks uninhibited and easy. It is based on the strong knowledge of the figure, however, and the ability to draw without slavish reliance on photographs”.

Brian’s ability to visualize with his appealing characters and style have been a natural transition and attracting projects and the attention of the animation entertainment industry. Currently Brian has been focusing his work toward concept art and character design for animation projects.

“Since childhood I have always been influenced by animation and the artists that bring characters to life. I have always had a passion for expressive characters and ideas in my illustrations. I am looking to discover new markets for creating characters in the design and visual development world of animation.”

Brian is also a frequent guest lecturer and teaches illustration concepts and character development at Syracuse University and F.I.T. in NYC where he is an Adjunct Professor. He has also taught classes at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and The University of Hartford, CT where he received the distinguished Koopman Chair Award for the Visual Arts.

His newest illustrated children’s book “No Pirates Allowed” has been getting rave reviews and has been considered for many awards in the children’s publishing world.

Mentor Preferences
Brian has had many experiences that crossover different media throughout the years….magazine, book, advertising & animation.  He has a depth of knowledge in expressive characters with personality and appeal, character design, character design with an environment that is believable for the character to live in, traditional media such as watercolor, acrylic ink, drawing, digital and traditional drawing.

Ideal Mentee: A person who is a passionate enthusiastic learner. Someone that has a natural curiosity about life and weaves it into their art. One that is able to see a story while observing people in everyday situations and events. Someone that is not afraid and open to experimenting with their thought process and their working approach. A hard working individual with a strong work ethic that goes beyond the project and teacher expectations. A friendly personality that is easy to work with and open to comments and criticism without egos getting in the way.

10-Week Plan: Discuss meetings and how they take place. Skype, email, phone. Whatever works best. Review the work and discuss what direction the student wants to go and subject matter that excites them. *Give a series of projects that will move them toward that direction in a sequence topics/silhouettes/shape/variety/lineup/props/environment/expressions
*Design a character/creature/or a family of characters(lineup)/based on a short written theme discussed.
*Critiques, draw overs, and discussions take place about the art projects
*Character living in its environment
*Business questions, portfolio questions, career concerns

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  I am open to anytime USA est…we can discuss on an agreed time

To apply to become Brian’s mentee, click here.

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