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Craig Elliott

About Craig Elliott
After graduating from Art Center College of Design, Craig Elliott has done Layout and Visual Development work on 8 animated features at Disney, Visual Development for 7 movies and 1 television show at Dreamworks and freelance Visual Development and Character Design for many other companies such as Blue Sky, Illumination Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Cirque De Soleil and many others. Craig has also done freelance fantasy illustration for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Realms of Fantasy Magazine. Awards include Gold and Silver Medals in Spectrum Fantastic Art, and bronze in Visual Development from the Society of Illustrators, an Emmy for The Penguins of Madagascar TV show at Nickelodeon.  In addition, Craig is represented by Arcadia Fine arts in New York and teach a Gnomon occasionally.

Mentor Preferences
Craig has great experience in drawing environments, characters and the human figure. As well as, expertise in perspective and the human figure are his strongest drawing skills. He has experience, painting in oils, and digitally both the figure and environments as well as characters. Knowledge in Maya and other 3D programs and their supplemental use in entertainment design.

Ideal Mentee: Someone who is hard working and willing to accept advice, and new ideas into their working habits. The more you put into the program the more you will get out.

10-Week Plan: The program with me is structured based on a longer initial talk and portfolio review- I will give assignments that will help the mentee learn and expand into areas that they need to, and want to. I can help someone fill out a portfolio so that their work is more marketable to studios and clients.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times: Afternoons are best; any day should work

To apply to become Craig’s mentee, click here.


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