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Craig Harris

About Craig Harris
Craig Harris is a traditionally trained animator and has worked in television and film, but most of his time has been spent working for game companies. His first major breakthrough into the industry was an internship with Spumco in 1999 working on He Hog the Atomic Pig with John Kricfalusci as a layout clean up artist. At the time Toy Story was the the major thing circulating and 2D jobs were becoming harder and harder to find. He worked his way into a video game animation and eventually landed at Activision as a 3D animator. Games were not satisfying his creative interests and James Baxter had just opened his own studio in Pasadena. So Craig wrote him a few times and eventually ended up leaving Activision for an internship with James. He stayed there for a year learning as much as possible and got to inbetween on Curiouse George, Disney’s Enchanted, and some various commercial work. Craig was offered a job with James, but games lured him back. Since then he has worked at various game companies animating for some, and working as a concept artist at others. Through all his experiences his skills have become very well rounded. This skill set has landed me as an animator at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine where he plans to stay as long as possible as the project, company, and co-workers are an amazing combination.

Mentor Preferences
Craig’s area of expertise are 3D animation 2D animation and in-betweening, Character Design, Background Design, Modelling/Texturing (Maya), MEL Scripting.  As well as, oil painting watercolor painting, figure drawing, figure quick sketch.  I have a ton of information from a wide range of sources, and I am very happy to share with anyone that is motivated enough to put it into practice.

Ideal Mentee:  My ideal mentee would be one that doesn’t want to draw or animate like everyone else, but would rather draw or animated like “themselves”. In other words they would want to learn the principles involved with the skills and find their own methods of solving problems to achieve those principles that make great designs or animations. I am open to all levels of experience. I would prefer that the mentees have a clear direction and clear goals that they would like to achieve. And that they have the time available, motivation, and follow thru to achieve their goals.

10-week plan:
-Determine the goals of the mentee.
-Set clear and specific assignments that isolate principals pertaining to the field that they would like to pursue.
-Build the assignments from a simple base and eventually to an assignment that incorporates all of the principals into a finished piece or pieces that can be used to set the tone for a professional portfolio.
-Set times to get together to review a previous assignment, and talk about the next assignment and the principles that we will be tackling.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 2

Maximum Distance: US

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times: Anytime between 9pm and Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) during the week. I am open to skype and chat, and local meet up would be the best. I can meet anywhere from La Jolla to San Clemente.

To apply to become Craig’s mentee, click here.

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