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Dean Yeagle

About Dean Yeagle
Dean Yeagle has been in animation for most of his career, starting at a small animation company in Philadelphia during the summer while in art school. Then (after four years in the Navy) he worked for Zander’s Animation Parlour in NYC, becoming a director/animator/designer. Dean then opened his own company, Caged Beagle Productions in NY, and did TV commercials and animation for TV specials and feature films. He’s also designed characters for corporate clients and produced animation for CD ROMs, and illustrated comic books and children’s books. Since 2000, he’s done regular full page color cartoons for Playboy Magazine, and that has led to a series of self-published books sold throughout the world, sculptures, and original drawings for collectors as well as for galleries in Paris. Dean also had two books of his work published in Paris, and he appears at comic conventions including San Diego (every year), San Francisco, New York, and Angouleme and St. Malo in France.  Currently Dean is working on two new books, commissions for collectors and for an upcoming one-man show in Paris, continuing work for Playboy and a comic story for Dark Horse Comics.  More of his work can be viewed here.

Mentor Preferences
Dean’s background includes producing, direction, design, storyboarding, layout and animation; character design for film and corporate clients, children’s books, comic books, editorial illustration and gag cartoons for Playboy Magazine.

Ideal Mentee: It is easier to pick a mentee who has progressed to a point that indicates a serious commitment to their goal and enough talent and drive to get there. Then I can see a direction and how I can apply my own experience to help. They should have some idea of in which field of cartooning they want to end up, although one of my main suggestions will be to be open to as many possibilities as they can. My main experience is in animation, and the other fields I’ve worked in, such as advertising, children’s books, comic books and character design have all drawn heavily on what I learned from animation. Although I’ve worked in comic books, I don’t have a deep knowledge of the superhero kind, so I wouldn’t be much help in that regard. Otherwise, I’ve got enough background to at least know what potential clients or employers would be looking for.

10-Week Plan: Based on last year’s mentorship, I’d simply expect to see and critique the mentee’s work and if appropriate, set the mentee a goal or project for the next meeting. But at any time I’d be open for questions and suggestions. No particular ‘structure’ is needed at the start, we’ll just see how things progress and do what’s needed.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times: There’s no point trying to meet in my rather cramped studio, so if you’re local we’d have to meet for lunch or coffee. But my last mentee was in Madrid, and we did everything by email, which seems to have worked very well. That way our time is our own and we don’t have to coordinate and travel.


To apply to become Dean’s mentee, click here.

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