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Derek Hunter

DEREKHUNTERAbout Derek Hunter
Derek Hunter currently works at Cartoon Network as lead background designer on “Adventure Time with Finn & Jake” as well as providing background designs for Cartoon Hangover’s “Bravest Warriors”. In addition to his work in animation, Derek has worked as an artist in the comic, video game, greeting card, and film industries; the latter to which he provided set & prop designs as well as storyboards. Derek has received Annie and Emmy award nominations for his Production Design work on Adventure Time at Cartoon Network and Halloween Town 4 at Disney Chanel, respectively.


Mentor Preferences
The bulk of Derek’s professional experience in animation is in background design, layout, environment design and digital painting. Additionally, he has many years of experience as a comic creator and illustrator, where he was able to hone his character design and storytelling skills as well.

Ideal Mentee: I hope to work with a mentee that has a strong foundation in drawing fundamentals and can articulate what they want to achieve during our mentorship. Nothing makes me more eager to teach and share ideas than being paired with someone who is passionate, hard-working and aggressively engaged in pursuing their artistic goals. I’m here to help you succeed, and the more time and effort you put into the work between sessions, the more you’ll get out of the course.

10-Week Plan: After an initial assessment and critique of a portfolio, a lesson plan will be developed to best suit the needs and goals of each mentee. Whether it be through developing and handing out specific assignments or offering critiques and paint-overs to their personal work, I hope to provide valuable insight to the professional creative process that can lead a mentee toward their desired field.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  An agreed upon and designated time on week nights or Saturdays.

To apply to become Derek’s mentee, click here.

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