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Drake Brodahl

Brodahl_Photo_BWAbout Drake Brodahl
Drake Brodahl
is an L.A. based illustrator and gallery artist currently working as a background painter for Nickelodeon Animation Studio. He has worked on television shows, shorts and pilots for Bento Box, Warner Bros, Renegade, Disney TV and Nickelodeon since 2011 and prior to that was an illustrator and interactive designer in the graphic design and casual gaming industry for over 10 years. On the side, Drake has exhibited his paintings in art galleries since 2006 and continues to participate regularly in art shows both locally and internationally.

Mentor Preferences
Drake currently focuses on background paint, but has also done character design and background design for different studios. At work he concentrates on digital painting and in his spare time he enjoys painting traditionally with gouache or cel-vinyl acrylic.  He is open to teaching in any of these areas.

Ideal Mentee: My ideal mentee would be someone passionate and driven to succeed, who just needs a push to get to the next level in their ability and/or get noticed in order to find work in the industry. Someone who is open to working in feature or TV animation and can take constructive feedback well. This might also be a person who is hoping to expand their personal brand of art to become better known for what they can bring to a project.

10-Week Plan: I plan to first assess, then advise, giving pertinent critiques along the way to hone both the mentee’s portfolio and overall quality of work.  I would like to structure our limited time together by starting with a critique and ending with a demo and/or inspiration, plus the new assignment and give time for the mentee to ask any questions about the industry or their goals. I will focus on capitalizing on their strengths and recognizing and addressing weaknesses to help turn those into strengths.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: US only

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  Week nights preferred.

To apply to become Drake’s mentee, click here.

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