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Elsa Chang

ElsaChang_PortraitAbout Elsa Chang
Elsa Chang studied illustration at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a BFA in 2010. She applied to Motivarti in 2012 and got accepted to be Lorelay Bové‘s mentee. Elsa’s first studio experience was as a visual development trainee at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. She went on to work as a character designer at Sony Animation, Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon and DreamWorks TV Animation.


Mentor Preferences
Elsa has worked as a character designer for the past 6 years. Originally studying illustration she has always gravitated towards drawing people and animals. She studied the fundamentals of human and animal anatomy which helped her understand the structure and proportions of the characters she designs. For her job she has designed characters in a flat style as well as characters with more volume and realistic proportions.

Ideal Mentee:  Someone who is already specific goal oriented. Either wanting to do visual development or character design. Someone who will take and address notes and put in extra amount of effort during the mentorship. I would like to help someone who doesn’t have a full understanding on the industry to better understand it as well as what to expect when working as a professional designer.

10-Week Plan: Either a 1hr skype call once a week, email check-ins at least twice a week or, if they are local, meetups in person.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English

Preferred Meeting Times:  During my lunch hour at my studio.

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