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Katy Wu

KatyWu_PortraitAbout Katy Wu
Katy Wu is currently a Doodler at Google. She began her animation career when she first interned at Pixar for a summer and then graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design with a BFA in illustration and entertainment arts in 2007. Her first job was at Laika with Henry Sellick on the feature film, Coraline. She eventually returned to Pixar as a full-time sketch artist. Over the course of 3 years she has done work for Newt (cancelled) and various shorts (La Luna, Cars Toons). In 2011, Katy left Pixar to work with Henry Sellick as an assistant art director at his new company, CinderBiter, until the company was closed in 2012. As of now Katy is currently a Doodler at Google and continues to draw her own comics and other collaborative art projects in her spare time.

Mentor Preferences
Katy has a background in visual development, with lots of experience creating color keys, environment design, character design, and shader packets.  She is familiar with digital painting, story-telling through a visual language, and ideation processes.

Ideal Mentee: My ideal mentee is someone who is looking to cultivate a good sense of design and is interested in the ideas behind intelligent design for animation and illustration. The mentee is interested in going beyond technical skills by developing and strengthening their color and design sense through research, story-telling, and various ideation processes. Having decent foundational skills in order to execute ideas and a flexibility in style is preferred.

10-week plan: I’m willing to work with the mentee on whatever visual-storytelling project they would like to do in order to help expand and enhance their portfolio.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: US only

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times: Monday-Thursday after 6pm (PST)

To apply to become Katy’s mentee, click here.

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