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Mauricio Abril

MauricioAbril_PortraitAbout Mauricio Abril
Mauricio Abril is a recovering scientist working as a concept artist in the entertainment industry. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away he graduated from UCLA in Molecular Biology with the intent to save the world with his research. Thankfully he realized before taking the GRE that it wasn’t something he loved but only liked and after a few years he reignited his creative spark by looking to his first childhood passion – art. Mauricio studied Illustration and Entertainment Design at the Art Center College of Design and has since been working in the entertainment mediums of video games, environment design, toy design, film and illustration. When he’s not working at work, Mauricio can be found working at home on original projects which include an original children’s picture book, two short animatic films and a series of holiday themed illustrations.

Mentor Preferences
Mauricio’s training is in traditional illustration and concept design but he believes his analytical background has also allowed him to succeed as an Art Director and a teacher.  His strongest area of focus is visual storytelling which encompasses everything from drawing and layout to painting and lighting to create a compelling and effective image that tells a story. Both in his professional work and as a teacher for the LA Academy of Figurative Art and CGMA, Mauricio is able to look at something and critically improve it be it the composition, figure drawing/posing, prop design, environment design, color/lighting and/or storytelling.

Ideal Mentee: My ideal mentee would have to exhibit a strong commitment to this mentorship. I’m not after someone with skills as much as a good attitude. I’d want to work with somebody whose critique won’t bruise their ego but instead motivate them to dive back in and try harder. Preferably someone who is already in art school wanting to get better or someone who has taken classes, workshops, etc elsewhere and has demonstrated their willingness for independent study.

I’d also want someone able to commit 20+ hours a week to this mentorship which can be in line with their own art goals. The work put toward this mentorship can be used toward their current school work/independent projects.

10-Week Plan: This will be dependent on the individual applicants. I’m not looking to teach as much as I am looking to help someone fill their own gaps.

Maximum Number of Mentees: 1

Maximum Distance: International

Language(s): English only

Preferred Meeting Times:  For in-person LA based potentials, 1 hour on Sundays sometime in the 11-4 pm (US PST) range. For skype non-LA/international, Sundays sometime between 11-4 pm (US PST) range.

To apply to become Mauricio’s mentee, click here.

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